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Compact Range

Compact Vibration Monitors protect your machine 24/7.

Measuring and monitoring the vibration level of simple rotating machinery has become economically feasible, since PCH Engineering has introduced new cost effective vibration monitors.

The new Compact Range of PCH monitors can be compared to electronic watch-dogs. More of our monitors are SIL-2 rated.
By permanently monitoring a machine, they reduce the need for human intervention as well as periodic measurements to a minimum.

Price attractive alternative -
For users who want to prevent their machines from damaging vibrations, e.g. vibrations coming from unbalance and misalignment at the most attractive prices.

Bearing Damages -
A bearing damage often occurs due to undetected unbalance or misalignment of a machine. Hence the machine runs for a very long time period with a much too high vibration level.
This is the most common reason for serious machine crashes and down time.  

Avoid unscheduled production stops -
Investing in a PCH Vibration Guard is a very wise decision. Often unexpected damages to machines lead to extra expenses to machine repairs, not to mention the further economic loss due to the production stop.

PCH 1106 Vibration Sensor
PCH 1106 T Temperature and Vibration Sensor
PCH 1220 Vibration Guard
PCH 1270/1272 Vibration Guard (SIL-2)
PCH 1275/1277 Vibration Guard (ATEX + SIL-2)