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PCH 1290 Redundant Vibration Monitor

SIL-2 Machine protection according to EN 13849

For safety-related parts of a control system Functional Safety Guidelines state the need for redundancy and diagnostics in the structure.

The series of Redundant SIL-2 Vibration Monitors from PCH Engineering is suitable for enhanced protection according to EN 13849 and permanently monitors critical and dangerous machinery. The build-in 1002 D architecture will leave the alarm function fully operational although one of the two parallel measuring channels is at fault.

Price attractive alternative
Instead of placing two individual vibration monitors next to each other the PCH solution is an integrated solution with two individual vibration monitors in one housing. This offers a price attractive alternative to traditional solutions.

Easy installation
Redundant vibration monitors from PCH offer the same easy way of installation as PCHcompact Range: Only a M12 mounting stud is needed.

In some applications critical rotating machinery is required protected by redundancy.

PCH 1290 consists of two independent vibration monitors build into the same compact housing.

This vibration monitor offers two 4-20 mA outputs and redundant alarm relays for full protection according to Functional Safety EN13849, PL-d.

This special design places PCH 1290 in the Category 3 with an architecture 1002 D.

The actual vibration level will be compared to the internal threshold of the redundant alarm relays each 100 ms.

• Rated according to EN 13849, PL-d, Cat 3
• Measuring parameter: velocity mm/s or acceleration m/s²
• Frequency range: 10 to 1000 Hz or 1 to 300 Hz
• 2 alarm levels with individual delay times and redundant alarm relays
• Redundant analog DC outputs RMS 4-20 mA, proportional to 0-100 %
• Measuring range selectable: 10 to 100 mm/s or 2.5 to 24 m/s²
• Self-test function can be activated externally
• Safety level SIL-2, GOST-R certificate and UL approved