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PCH 1106T, Temperature and Vibration Sensor

Vibration monitoring of a roller bearing is usually the best early-warning method to detect upcoming bearing damages.

If your application also requires a temperature measurement, you can save the installation of a PT100 sensor with transmitter, when you use the PCH 1106 T.

Both vibration and surface temperature measurements are provided through dual 4-20 mA outputs, which make a separate PT100 transmitter redundant.

For an ambient temperature range of -20 to +70 °C the instrumentation cannot get easier.

The sensor is supplied in stainless steel 303 housing with an integrated M8 mounting stud and a M12 top exit connector.

PCH 1106 T features:

• Measuring Velocity mm/s, 0-10/20/50/100 mm/s
• Filter range 10-1000 Hz (ISO 10816-3)
• Surface temperature 0-100 °C
• True RMS detector
• Dual 4-20 mA relative to vibration and temperature

Other PCH 1106 T variants:

• Acceleration m/s²
• Displacement mm Peak-Peak, 0-2.5/5/10/15 mm
• Customized frequency ranges