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PCH 1106 Vibration Sensor

If you need a single 4-20 mA overall vibration sensor, our PCH 1106 is the perfect choice for you.

You will get the sensor in stainless steel 303 housing with an integrated M8 mounting stud and a M12 top exit connector.

It offers 2 outputs relative to the overall vibration level making it possible to connect both a PLC and maybe a local display.

You will have both 4-20 mA and 1-5 VDC available simultaneously.

The PCH 1106 Vibration Sensor has an excellent frequency response curve up to the promised 1000 Hz, so you are sure you will be monitoring the higher frequencies, like gear mesh or blade pass frequencies without any damping in the signal.

ISO 10816-3, measuring parameters:

• Velocity mm/s, 0-10/20/50/100 mm/s
• Filter range 10-1000 Hz
• True RMS detector
• 4-20 mA / 1-5 VDC output

Other PCH 1106 measuring parameters:

• Acceleration m/s²
• Displacement mm Peak-Peak
• Customized frequency ranges