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PCH 1008 Vibration Monitor (2-Ch)

The PCH 1008 is a digital multipurpose monitor with 2 input channels for IEPE or 3-wire accelerometers, configurable alarm levels, 4-20 mA outputs and delivered in an IP67 casing.

Each input channel can be configured with filter ranges from 1 Hz up to 10 kHz and supports both acceleration, velocity and displacment measuring units.

This vibration monitor is a highly ruggidized measuring device for direct installation in the toughest industrial enviroments.

PCH 1008 Vibration Monitor features:

• 2 vibration input channels
• 1 Hz - 10 kHz filter ranges
• True RMS, Peak or Peak-to-Peak detectors
• Acceleration, velocity or displacement measuring units
• 4 isolated 4-20 mA outputs
• 4 potential free 240V alarm relays
• 2 buffered unconditioned AC signals for signal analysis
• ModBus over RS485
• 85-260 VAC power supply