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BZ-5503 Measurement Partner Suite
Post-processing software for sound level and vibration meters

Efficiently complete sound level and vibration measurement post-processing activities on your PC. Simplify your measurement tasks with the Measurement Partner Field App. Store and share data using Measurement Partner Cloud.

Measurement Partner Suite (MPS) is Brüel & Kjær’s state-of-the-art data viewing and post-processing toolbox for environmental noise and vibration professionals. It comes with all Type 2270, 2250 and 2250-L instruments.

The standard configuration is free and provides field support with the Measurement Partner (MP) Field App for iOS and Android, and MP Cloud.


• Data archive, preview and export
• Post-process and export to other formats
• Online data display and remote access and operation
• Sound level meter software maintenance
• Support of ISO 1996-2:2007 uncertainty calculation
• Turnkey support of British, French and German environmental legislation


• Detailed data view
• Import, archive, display and export data
• Overview of archives and users
• In-field annotation of measurement data (using the MP Field App, see below)
• Merging of annotations and instrument data
• Cloud storage, access and sharing (using MP Cloud, see below)
• Resumable downloads (Types 2270 and 2250 software version 4)
• View GPS coordinates in Google Maps™
• Advanced support of .WAV files  

Purchase a license to access full MPS functionality, including:

• Playback of .WAV files associated with markers
• Tone, impulse and exceedance analysis
• Individual octave band profiles
• Scheduled data download
• Post-weighting spectra
• Calculator function (including background noise correction)
• Tone assessment (1/3-octave, FFT)
• Convert 1/3-octave to 1/1-octave spectra
• Convert FFT to 1/3-octave spectra
• Post-process .WAV files (scale, cut and join recordings)
• FFT-based tone analysis of .WAV files
• Export of any portion of a .WAV file (logging profile)