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Type 2270, Sound level meter

An advanced, dual-channel, hand-held analyzer and sound level meter that has everything needed to perform high-precision, Class 1 measurement tasks in environmental, occupational and industrial application areas.

Type 2270 is a highly versatile, modular platform with many optional application modules such as frequency analysis, FFT, advanced logging (profiling) and sound recording. Its two measurement channels allow it to perform sound intensity measurements according to IEC 61043, sound power measurements, and two-channel building acoustics measurements.


• General-purpose Class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
• Occupational noise assessment
• Environmental noise assessment and logging
• Product development and quality control
• FFT analysis of sound and vibration
• Sound power determination and sound intensity
• Two channel building acoustics measurements (facade)
• Noise reduction


• Dual-channel input (microphone, sound intensity probe, accelerometer or direct signal)
• 4.2 Hz-22.4 kHz broadband linear frequency range with supplied microphone Type 4189
• 16.6 – 140 dB A-weighted dynamic range with supplied microphone Type 4189
• Inputs: AC or CCLD, External Trigger
• Outputs: Generator and Headphone
• Communication via USB, LAN, or GPRS/3G modems
• USB 2.0 host for connection to printer, GPS, weather station, modem
• Plug-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (> 8h operation)
• Photo annotations with built-in camera