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Type 2250, Sound level meter

An advanced, single-channel, hand-held analyzer and sound level meter that has everything needed to perform high-precision, Class 1 measurement tasks in environmental, occupational and industrial application areas.

Type 2250 is a versatile, modular measurement platform with many optional application modules such as frequency analysis, FFT, advanced logging (profiling), sound recording and building acoustics.


• General-purpose Class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
• Occupational noise assessment
• Environmental noise assessment and logging
• Product development and quality control
• FFT analysis of sound and vibration
• Sound power determination
• Single-channel building acoustics measurements


• Single-channel input (microphone, accelerometer or direct signal)
• 4.2 Hz – 22.4 kHz broadband linear frequency range with supplied microphone Type 4189
• 16.6 – 140 dB A-weighted dynamic range with supplied microphone Type 4189
• Inputs: AC or CCLD, External Trigger
• Outputs: Generator and Headphone
• Communication via USB, LAN, or GPRS/3G modems
• USB 2.0 host for connection to printer, GPS, weather station, modem
• Plug-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (> 8h operation)